Sunday, January 03, 2010

Because the first word we think of when someone says "Alabama" is overeducated

The University of Alabama has cancelled class this coming week so students can go to Pasadena to watch a football game.

Or, more accurately, the school has cancelled classes on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday; students are expected to attend on Monday and Tuesday. As the press release notes:
[G]iven the number of students who have to be in Pasadena, Calif., to represent The University of Alabama on Jan. 7 and the number of faculty, staff and students who want to be there, we are dismissing classes on Jan. 6-8.

Enrollment at Alabama is about 27,000, with another 1,400 (rounding up) in faculty, per the 2008 Factbook. Those who "have to be in Pasadena" include maybe 100-150 players, some student trainers, cheerleaders, and the like, and maybe the marching band. Call it 500, to be nice.

So there are either a lot of students who can afford to fly to LA and back for a long weekend, or something else is going on.

They will be doing some good things while they are there.

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